What the face.

The Typefaces
Inspired by letterpress printing and childlike observations – The Typefaces are simply faces in type. All 26 Roman letters have been paired with rhymes in a charming print-on-demand book. The idea invites your participation as the faces are mostly ‘found’ within the negative space which in turn creates an emotional connection.

Beyond that, some have said the concept encourages us all to look at familiar things in new ways, others have said it encourages us to look for Polar Bears. The Typefaces are for the designer in every child and the child in every designer, and we like the idea that it could sit in either section of a bookstore.

We're lucky enough to have won a slew of awards and have made an exhibition of ourselves in Singapore and in London.

Numbered Editions.
The numerals have been hand printed, each carrying its own unique quirks, imperfections, and charm. The Numbered Editions are limited editions, the quantity available is defined by numbers themselves; for example, there are only three prints of the number three available and six of the number six.

The idea of limiting the prints was born from uncertainty. When we are presented with the realisation that our time with someone could become finite, we understand every day with them is precious. We hope the prints become a joyful reminder to appreciate our time with the one-of-a-kind people in our lives. Any profits from the sale of the ‘Numbered Editions’ are donated to Cancer Research. 

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